Dear Parents,

For several years there have been on-going discussions with regards to a proposed reform of Secondary studies in European Schools. These discussions have raised both hopes and concerns among the parent community. The initial proposals were mainly cost-driven. The first change to start L3 in the first and not the second year of Secondary was already implemented in September 2014 (and so far the only one undisputed). Other proposed changes were more far-reaching. Many meetings were held and documents exchanged between the various stakeholders including the Frankfurt PA. We have been trying to influence the process via Interparents(IP).


We joined the petition from all European Schools' PA’s to the Board of Governors (28 November 2013) and again explained to you the main points of the proposal (, 20 February 2014).

Thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders the reform was not pushed forward for implementation. Instead an external consultancy was hired to assess it last year. The discussions will continue, and our Association will continue to be involved via IP.

The exact content of the reform is still not clear however the focus has now shifted – it is now not about “cost cutting” but about adapting the curricula to the changes in educational approaches that have been introduced over the last twenty years in various Member States. The objective of the reform of Secondary Studies in the European Schools is now to ensure that the European Schools continue to adequately prepare their pupils to the changing realities of the modern world. This has been explained to us by the Secretary General of the European Schools, Mr Kari Kivinen, at the Administrative Board meeting that took place in our school on 21 September. Here we now publish an open letter from Mr Kivinen presenting this new policy line to all stakeholders, in EnglishFrench and German.