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Hessische Schülerakademie

The "Hessische Schülerakademie" is taking place at BURG FÜRSTENECK since 2004. There are courses for grades 7-9 (S2-S4) and 10-12 (S5-S7). You can find details at

Tenniszentrum Klüh Holiday Camps

Tenniszentrum Klüh is organizing Tennis Camps that fit into the ESF breaks. They have provided us with an updated website for 2017, the camps can be booked there. They are offering camps for the Easter and Summer breaks.

Summercamps in France


In case you want more information please contact

Séverine LALLEMAND I Chargée de diffusion Alsace-Lorraine
Ligue de l’enseignement - Service vacances
1er opérateur touristique associatif Européen

0033 7 85 35 77 02 or Véronique et Virginie at +333. or 54.

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Girls Scouts Overseas-Taunus

more info here