Childminding, Holiday Activities, Afternoon Activities & School Bus

George Betts

Felix Walderdorff

Klaudia Mager

General Manager
EuroKids gGmbH
PA Activities Coordinator
Afternoon Activities


What is EuroKids?

EuroKids is a charitable limited liability company established in May 2017 by the Parents Association.

Why was EuroKids established?

EuroKids was established to provide services in Childcare, Holiday Camps, School Bus and Afterschool Activities for parents of the ESF.

Why is EuroKids necessary?

Until 2017, Childcare, Holiday Camps, Afternoon Activities and School Bus services were partly coordinated and managed by Parents' Association board members. The success of their engagement and subsequent growth in parent demand for these services meant that the PA was less able to focus on other areas. Now the PA Board, relieved of the business responsibilities, will be able to focus on pedagogical and social activities, and look for new ideas for contributing to the life of our school community.

Will services become more expensive?

No, for the 2017-2018 school year there have been no increases in costs for childcare, holiday camps, transport or afterschool activity services. All services are and will continue to be run on a non-profit basis.

I have a contract for services with the PA, do I need to do anything?

No, all contracts for Childminding, Holiday Camps, Afternoon Activities and the School Bus will be automatically transferred to EuroKids from 01.09.17.

How will this affect me and my child?

In order to ensure a smooth transition for parents and children there will be no immediate effect on our existing services and no immediate changes will be made to services or service providers. However, due to the expansion of the container village, children will have more space available to them in the 2017-2018 school year in both Childminding and afternoon activities. We anticipate a higher staff:student ratio in Childminding, an increase in activities in our afternoon programme and upgraded bus services. We will also be seeking your feedback to further improve services during the course of the school year.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Eurokids General Manager:

George Betts



Tel: 069-95117484


Bus Services, Payment Issues:

Felix Walderdorff

Afternoon Activities:

Klaudia Mager

Childminding & Holiday Camps:


Groups I, II (Pre-Primary and P1):

Sabine Tüshaus – Head of department, PP and P1, 0176-19945372
Charlotte Gallé – Head of group, PP, 0176-19945987
Rosanna Di Simone – Head of group, P1, 0176-19945288

Groups III-V (P2 to S2):

Kathrin Pfaff – Head of department, P2-S2, 0176-19945300
Anke Barth – Head of group, P2, 0176-19945371
Margarete Kalcher – Head of group, P3, 0151-58217614
Sabrina Stüdemann – Head of group P4-S2, 0176-19945242