Visit by Professor Klingebiel, head of the children's hospital at Frankfurt University Clinic

The money collected at the 2014 spring market for the children's Easter crafts and the PA's cake and coffee buffet was finally handed over when Mr. Fischböck, deputy director of the primary school, gave a symbolic cheque to Prof. Klingebiel.

The head of the children's hospital at Frankfurt's Goethe University visited the school and spent more than half an hour in the Primary foyer with questions by the P3-P5 students' representatives, answering them patiently and in a manner suitable for children. The students were well prepared and asked the following questions: “What is a virus? Who can get Ebola? Can children also get Ebola? How not to get infected? What is more dangerous, Ebola or cancer? Where does Ebola exist, also here?” Mr. Fischböck asked the children to report the professor's replies to their fellow students.

It was important to Prof. Klingebiel to tell the children what the donated money will be used for. He explained that health insurance in Germany pays for medical treatment of illnesses, but not for the important people who visit the children in hospitals and take care of their therapy. These specially trained caretakers talk to the children, they play and draw with them to distract them from their illness. Every year this work results in a calender with drawings by the young patients, and printing this calendar costs money. The calendars are distributed and displayed in the hospital. He brought several calendars for our school which Mr. Fischböck will hang up.

This year “our money” will fund the cost of printing and the organisation of the exhibition  in the hospital. Primary students will be invited. Prof. Klingebiel said a big thank you to the children and their parents, to Mr. Fischböck and to Insa Jung who represented the Parents' Association.