Dear Guests, 

Greetings from the Summerfest team. If you missed the party here is a short replay. If you were there, we hope you had as much fun as us!  

The president of our parents' association, Delphine Braun, opened the day with a speech in the aula. Our "International Food Alley" was truly a culinary showcase with 15 countries represented. All proceeds raised support the various language sections, SWALS, special projects and fund other charitable initiatives such as the rising S7 Bac Ball.  Thank you to all the organisers and guests of the stands.

We have much appreciation for our lead cast & crew. From the parents' association, Kimberly Fleming, Wendy Robertet, Krisztian Piller and Thomas Jaeger, alongside committee members Emese Farkas, Trudy Scharroo, Luc Roddier and Vera Urban. Thank you as well to our hausmeisters -  Admir Pllana, Michael Nagel, Matthias Kappes und José Claramunt, security staff, 40 childminding employees, Frank Lehmann (Menuepartner), Rosanna Di Simone, Sabine Tüshaus & George Betts of EuroKids.

Congratulations to team "S6" who was the first place winner of the basketball tournament. Thank you to Ilka Treber and Rado Misic for organising the tournament!

The P2-P5 football tournament winners are:

P1 Turnier
1.) P1 DE-A
2.) P1 EN-B
3.) P1 DE-B
4.) P1 EN-A
P2/P3 Turnier
1.) P3 EN-B
2.) P3 IT
3.) P3 DE-A
4.) P2 EN-A
P4/P5 Turnier
1.) P4 DE-A
2.) P5 FR
3.) P5 EN-A
4.) P5 DE-B

The Fischer family continues to lead this much loved event for us with precision and passion.

Ms Kenny, Ms. Kruschwitz, Ms Kavertide and the primary choir did an amazing job. Thank you also to the secondary choir & orchestra, directed by Ms Brady and Mr Betancourt. And let's not forget Ms Quarck and Lothar Juli with his precious technical support for seven years running.

Did you get a chance to see the talented performers from Video Clip Dance, Ballet, Zumba and Strong Kids? A round of applause for their teachers, Ms Cucek, Ballet Schule Frankfurt, Ms Thurenhout & Ms Neupert, respectively.  Alex Romanoff amazed his audience with funtastic magic. All of these activities (and more) can be found in the EuroKids after-school program.

We end by thanking the volunteers including parents, teachers, & students who volunteered throughout the day with set-up, at the drink stand, in the aula and at cleanup.  Summerfest is a volunteer led initiative. None of this is possible without our volunteers!

We had a great day and now wish you all relaxing holidays and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual General Assembly in the Fall.

The 2019 Summerfest Team