The European School Frankfurt and the Parents’ Association invite parents to an info session on “How to help your child to develop learning skills during Adolescence” 

When: Wednesday, 6 February 2019 at 18:30

Where: European School Frankfurt, Praunheimer Weg 126,  60439 Frankfurt am Main

In February the school will run its second learning skills week during which students will be encouraged to think about and develop specific learning skills. We have invited Herr Alexander Kufner to speak to the S5 and S6 students about the process of effective learning and preparation for exams. In addition to this Herr Alexander Kufner will also present a talk for all interested parents on the evening of 6 February entitled “Learning during Adolescence”.  His talk will be in English and will focus on the challenges students face when preparing for exams and advise parents on how best to support their children at school. […]

Herr Kufner has presented at many international conferences and has written a book on this subject entitled “Stressfreies Lernen” (Learning without Stress). He makes use of his own experiences in school and how he turned himself around.

We are very happy that Herr Alexander Kufner has agreed to speak to our students and parents and would urge you to attend the talk.


About the speaker:

At school, Mr. Kufner was a failure and had no motivation – certainly not for learning. But then Jörg Knoblauch and others showed him strategies and ways that made learning easy for him. So he became one of the best in his class! His strategies included: Allocating time resources properly, increasing concentration, fighting forgetfulness, developing presentations, and overcoming fatigue and listlessness.