On behalf of the board of the PA, I have the pleasure to welcome you to our annual summer party.

This party has only been made possible due to the commitment of 3 members of the board, whom I would like to thank here: our VP Catherine Brodie, Wendy Robertet and Piller Krizstian. They have been actively supported by Enrica Tirelli and a very nice Hungarian team with Boros Linda and Farkas Emese.

I also want to include in my thanks the team of the childminding, the security, the Hausmeisters, the wider team of volunteers who have given us their time and energy and last but not least, our Eurokids team with Felix Walderdorff and George Betts.

So a big big thank you to you as you are the ones who make this great party possible.

After those thanks come the goodbyes.

We not only say goodbye but also thank you to Mrs Chatzivassiliadou. In your 9 years here, you have opened your door to parents and encouraged them to come and see you when the well-being of their children was not as one wishes for.  I was one of them and your understanding and support were key to improving the situation. You have also encouraged pupils in the same way. I have witnessed in pedagogical committees your support and encouragement for the students to also voice their concerns, present their ideas and make them realistic and concrete. Sometimes you have demonstrated the famous plate tectonics that you probably have inherited from your home country but in general, the dialog has been the constructive way to go!

As I understand, this might only a goodbye in your position as Deputy Head of Secondary and there is a good chance that we see you again next year wearing a new hat. However, to make sure that you return in a good shape and relaxed, we are giving you this small gift, a voucher for a day spa at the Villa Kennedy. We hope that you will enjoy it!

We also must say goodbye to Herr Mohr, our music teacher. Herr Mohr is famous in our school for developing and leading the orchestra and the choir and for organizing regular concerts which all of us have enjoyed. However, Herr Mohr is now also famous Europe-wide since he took over the formidable task of setting up a music and art festival for the European Schools, the amazing FAMES that was a huge success last year. As we have been told that you are staying in Frankfurt next year, we want to give you a voucher for the Alte Oper where you can enjoy any kind of music you like.

And now the Primary Choir has prepared a few farewell songs for us. Please listen!

Now I would like to say a few words about the year we are about to close.

This year is the first of Eurokids, which has been led in a very dynamic and creative way by George. He and Felix have had their hands full, dealing with transport, holiday camps, childminding and afternoon activities. As you will have noticed, the whole activities program has been reshaped and enriched, now also including activities for parents. We hope that many of you have registered successfully and will enjoy the program.

As planned last year, the creation of Eurokids has allowed the board to concentrate on other initiatives:

  • many of you have attended the different talks that were organized this year and we hope to keep organizing more next year. Let us know if you have topics that would interest you.
  • We have an active team working very fruitfully with the directors to help children who need support at school because they have talents or ways of operating that are a bit outside the box.
  • We are working with teachers on workshops to help them and their pupils manage their stress in a more constructive way. We have some projects in this area that we hope to develop next year.
  • We have supported the school in projects at the library such as the Hänsel and Gretel reading contest and the purchase of comfortable cushions for the Primary library. We will also contribute to the renewal of the primary playground which is so far known as the jungle: we are pleased to share that the PA is financing the equipment which should be a lot of fun for our little ones.

For all those projects we would like to thank the directors for their openness and our constructive cooperation.

  • The PA has also renewed its newsletter format and we hope that you have been reading... and listening to us.
  • We have also been working on subjects that remain unseen but are important like data protection, defining the respective roles of PA and school on safety and securities issues and so on.

And now I am passing the floor to Mr Patscheider and then let the show and the party start!