Applications go live 06.18

Dear Parents,

I hope your children will be as excited as I am with regards to our 2018-2019 Extra Curricular Programme (formerly afternoon activities). Thanks to the hard work of our EuroKids Team, it is not only the children who will be having fun next school year, we also have a new activity programme for parents. More information can be found by clicking the links below -




Parents (NEW)

The programme at a glance compared with 2017-2018 –

0% price increase

87% More available spaces

110% Increase in available activity teaching space for Grades 2 upwards

37% More new offers

25% Increase in Staff:Student ratios – More individualised tuition

90% Reduction in student transfers between locations

100% guarantee of students retaining their chosen activity places at the end of the school year

297% Increase in administrative support for parents, teachers and children.

450% Increase in investment in teaching resources

In addition to the above we have introduced an easier online application system for parents, installed modern, state of the art, professionally equipped teaching and training rooms at EuroKids village, completely revised the pedagogical structure, significantly increased substitute teachers and introduced improved communication systems. Holiday Camps will also be open to non-ESF students ensuring children can bring their friends.

We plan to have Extra Curricular registrations online by 01.06.18 though thank you in advance for your patience if this takes a little longer.

We hope you and your family enjoy the programme as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Wishing you and your family all the best,

George Betts
General Manager