Dear Helpers*, Parents, Pupils,

Thanks so much for your help with the Halloween party! Thank you for providing cakes and finger food and for thinking of children with allergies so that they too could savour the goodies. Our gratitude goes also to all helpers* present at the party, among all: Simone Cruciani (P1&P4-IT), Michele Bellomo (P5-IT) and Emese Farkas(P2-DE). It’s because of enthusiastic people like you that ESF PA can organise fun events for our kids. It was so much fun seeing them celebrate, try to elucidate the magic tricks, freeze during the photo shooting, follow the dance steps and thoroughly enjoy the party.

Our thanks goes to Global Education and all child minding staff present at the party. Our special thanks to Anke Barth for her precious help and support before, during and after the party!

We also want to thank you Frank Lehmann of Menuepartner, who made it possible that our children and helpers enjoyed warm Hot Dogs and pizza margherita.

We are so thankful to the school security guards S. Zamanyan, G. Prekadini, A.A. Dris, T. Mimoun, W. Kehmald and B. Lothis who - as always - ensured the safety of our children and thanks to Matthias Kappes and Admir Pllana - our school “Hausmeister” – who executed our organisational requirements into practice.

Thanks to our partner George Betts, General Manager of EuroKids, and the great magician Alexander Romanoff. And a very special thank you to Felix Walderdorff who supported us with the new registration and payment procedure. Thank you also to Insa Jung, former PA Board member, who has made over the years this party "a must" in the primary cycle.

Finally a very special thanks to the school Directors, Ferdinand Patscheider and Anastazija Avsec, who authorised the organisation of Halloween Party at the Modular Building and to our colleague Doriana Brunner - ESF PA Board member - and the representatives of the primary pedagogical committee, Kimberley Fleming (P3-EN) and Enrica Tirelli-Beyer (P4-DE) – for their precious help at the registration desk.

We hope all children had a very enjoyable and unforgettable party!

With all our appreciations
Catherine Brodie & Mariella Spata

P.S.: You will find snapshots of the evening under the Photos heading in our members-only area.

Alice Gros
Anna McAdam
Asli GumusgerdanO'Brien
Brooke Hoefler
Emese Farkas
Fa. Arruga Jouy,
Gesa Köhl
Giuliana Betro
Helena Domeyer
Italo Marturano
Jens Boderke
Linda Boros
Luciana Tessari
Mary Santoianni
Max Reidiess
Michael Rohn
Michele Bellomo
Özlem Schmidt
Petra Rüspeler
Philippa Schubert
Romina Sultana
Rosa Tetradi
Sari Laakkonen
Sefanit Terefe
Sofia Toscano Rico
Sofie Verhoeve
Ursula Pauer 
Uta Elbers-Kesten
Violaine Gervois    
Wioletta Kranc