The Annual General Meeting last November mandated the Board to establish a limited liability company that will take over the PA’s core services: childminding, holiday camps, afternoon activities and transport. We are happy to inform you that the long process has come to an end. On 24 May we signed the notarial deed establishing the company, which will operate under the name of EuroKids.

Between February and April we were busy with the recruitment of the general manager. Pre‑screening of candidates was done by a professional recruitment company. The final selection panel was composed of four Board representatives, an HR expert from the ECB and one of the PA’s auditors. Following a fair and transparent procedure the position was finally offered to Mr George Betts. He is assuming his duties on 1 August. Parents will have an opportunity to meet him in person at the Summer Party on 24 June.

Since the registrations for the next school year have already been launched, the process is still run by the PA but all contracts will be seamlessly transferred to EuroKids. Felix Walderdorff and Klaudia Mager will work with George to ensure a smooth transition. We still have to work out the technical details – the website, the e-mail addresses, etc. – but the main bulk of work is behind us.
Now the PA Board, relieved of the business responsibilities, will be able to focus on pedagogical and social activities, and look for new ideas for contributing to the life of our school community. To this end, we will have a dedicated “Parents meet Parents” corner next to the ticket stand at the Summer Party where you can meet with Board members to discuss your ideas.
Barbara Soszyńska