Dear Parents,

Our school bus service is growing and the capacity of our morning buses overbooked from October onwards. That is why the PA has decided to start a new Bus Line S (South, or Sachenhausen?) from next Tuesday, 4 October. This is valid for the morning buses only.

The following stops will be served by the new bus line:

07:25 h Former Line A 01 – Südfriedhof West Darmstädter Landstraße
07:30 h Former Line A 02 – Darmstädter Landstraße Mitte Darmstädter Landstraße
07:35 h Former Line C 03 – Wasserweg Wasserweg
07:40 h Former Line O 04 – European Central Bank – Visitors Parking Sonnemannstraße

As you can see the departure times are mostly unchanged with the exception of the departure from the ECB which will be 15 minutes later than previously. This is made possible because the bus no longer needs to pick up children on the way from the ECB to the school. The parents of children using the stops have been informed.

I hope and expect that everything will run smoothly. Our school bus provider, Urberacher Omnibusbetrieb, has the experience to run the new line without problems, and the school security as well as the teachers who pick up children in the morning are or will be informed.

All the best

Felix Walderdorff
PA Activities Coordinator