Dear Parents,

Due to increased demand there has been some redesign for the afternoon school bus lines:

  • We are now offering three afternoon bus lines: Line A to Sachsenhausen, Line O to the new ECB premises, and Line W to Westend and Willy-Brandt-Platz. The bus stops we offer remain unchanged, and children already registered will be allocated to the correct bus line. It will remain important that children registered for a specific bus stop are picked up at this stop.
  • We are now also offering three departure times every day:
    • 15:20h Monday-Thursday, 13:10h Friday (end of school for PP and Primary classes)
    • 16:25h Monday-Friday (end of school for Secondary classes)
    • 17:30h Monday-Friday. This late departure has been added after parents remarked that it will make their lives easier - they will not have to hire babysitters for the time between the arrival of the bus and the end of their work day.

We hope that our extended services will meet your demands and those of your children.