Dear Parents,

As you probably realised the temperatures in the Modular Building rise dramatically during fine weather. In 2015 we measured temperatures which substantially exceed the limits allowed by the regulations for workplaces (Arbeitsstättenrichtlinie). These measurements have been logged and are available to the stakeholders.

The situation has been discussed at length with the responsible persons from the city of Frankfurt, the general contractor and ECB representatives. After lots of back and forth arguments the necessity for additional measures has been accepted and these are to be implemented. Unfortunately nothing much has happened yet.

Already in early spring this year we recorded temperatures above 30°C in the classrooms on days with strong sunshine. We cannot allow situations like in May, June and July last year to repeat.

The Board of the parents' Association as the organiser of Childminding bears the responsibility for the health of our staff and, most important for the health of your children. This is why with weather conditions making temperatures rise above 30°C in the classrooms we will be forced to cancel Childminding for PP and P1 on short notice. You will then be informed and will have to pick up your children from the school. The Parents' Association does not have short-term space alternatives.

This possible cancellation also concerns Afternoon Activities for all age groups taking place in the Modular Building.

This message is intended to forewarn you about this potential situation. We hope that it will never happen, but cannot rule it out.

With best regards

The Board of the European School Frankfurt Parents' Association