Dear Parents,

On Thursday 16th March 2023 the ESF Parent association organised a zoom conference for parents to meet Mrs Magali Netrval, an expert on dyslexia and dyspraxia, who presented DYS therapies, support, and assistive technologies (especially the digital tablet), contextualising it within the latest support changes and initiatives in the European Schools.

Mrs Netrval has shared the main benefits of assistive technologies during school hours and at home for such students, with concrete tips and examples. She has also recalled how the use of iPads / tablets are embedded in the revised Educational Support Policy of the European Schools; Mrs. Chatzivasilliadou, among others Educational Support Coordinator at the ESF Secondary, has also provided a short overview of how such tools can be introduced at school.

The ESF PA is very thankful to Mrs. Magali Netrval for giving the ESF parents the opportunity to learn more about the use of Ipads and look forward to next chances to cooperate in this area.
For parents of the school, the pdf of the evening is available here.

Mrs Netrval : About Magali Netrval

Magali Netrval is the Vice President of the non-profit association in Luxembourg. Of French nationality, having done the majority of her professional career in the international trade of fixed telecom networks in the United Kingdom, Mrs Netrval had a son diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (commonly known as dyspraxia) and High Potential when he was 8 years old, in 2016. After trying to introduce a laptop as an IT compensation tool in class without success, Mrs Netrval decided to try an iPad that could more easily scan documents, read them outloud and quickly allow to annotate them. Since then her son has been working on his iPad for all subjects (he is today in S4 in ESL2), like 5,000+ other DYS students in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Upon her arrival in Luxembourg in 2017, Magali Netrval naturally approached to join as a volunteer and share her experience with the iPad, train Luxembourg teachers on the iPad, test new applications and suggest new developments to developers, and collaborate with other associations in Europe such as Coeur à Corps in Belgium, DYS à Francfort and the FFDys and BookinLu in France.