As the corona virus spreads itself through our society during the winter season, our school community is no exception. Many families have met with the challenges of COVID quarantine psychologically as well as practically.

The PA collaborated with the mindfulness coach, Christelle Pillot, in December last year to prepare a document to support families going through COVID quarantine after family members being tested positive.

The resulting document can be accessed here: "How to prepare your COVID quarantine in 12 points".

Special thanks to the families who participated in the workshops to share their quarantine experiences and to Christelle, who donated her time to work on this document.

We hope you will find some of the ideas and suggestions in the document useful. If you need to find further support or to share your experience, please feel free to use the COVID-19 Group in the ESF Classlist.

We wish you lots of positive energies in getting through yet another COVID winter!

Photo Credit: Alissa Eckert, MSMI, Dan Higgins, MAMS