Building on from the Mindfulness and Stress Management projects already undertaken by the Parents' Association, we are pleased to inform you that ESF parents now have access to a complementary offer.

The program Happy & Focused is user friendly, attractive, and fun via an online course created by Christelle Pillot.  The project is aimed at English-speaking children aged 7 to 12. The French and German parts of the project will be available soon.

The aim of this course is to help children to become more confident, build a stronger resilience and learn how to organize their attention and their homework. On top of that, the program gives them tools to feel happier.

The program uses mindfulness, brain gym exercises, it is based on French research for more Attention at school and provides neuroscientific explanations as well.

The platform can be accessed via the following link:

Free access with Pass Word / coupon: ESF


Here are more details about the program Happy & Focused:

👉Teaching Attention, Emotional Balance & Positive Mindset to Children!

👉Teaching structure to decrease procrastination!

👉25 Trainings and 30 videos and exercices.

👉 A lot of rewards to help them accomplish the course.

👉 Children between 7 and 12 Years Old

👉Special Bonuses for parents


The ESF PA also decided to invite parents from other European Schools to join the project.