On behalf of the Kinderzukunft, organizer of the Christmas in a Shoebox campaign, we would like to invite you for a one-month charity sports challenge to support the children village ‘Aldea Infantil’ in Guatemala.

Time period of the challenge: June 1 – June 30, 2021.

Everyone is welcome to participate - from the youngest pre-primary student through graduating S7 students, as well as families, school classes, clubs, companies, and organizations.

Guatemala is a Central American country where two-thirds of the population live in poverty increasingly so as a result of COVID-19.  Hunger, malnutrition, poor health, and education are some of the everyday challenges facing its people.

Here is the chance for everyone to help and to make things better.

In 1991, a children's village "Aldea Infantil Rudolf Walther" was established in the highlands of Guatemala. The children's village and is now home to 162 children who are orphaned or abandoned. The village has a kindergarten, a school, a training workshop, and an agricultural project. Every child lives together with nine “step-siblings” and one “step-mother” in one of the 17 family houses. They have a chance to learn and to grow up in a family, where they are cared for. The Aldea Infantil children village also has a breakfast project (Frühstückskinder-Projekt) where they offer every day a breakfast for 150 children from the neighborhood of the school. You can find more information about the children village here and a video here.

More information about the charity sports challenge here.

Through the Christmas in a Shoebox campaign, we helped more than 900 children with our donated presents. Now our help is needed again in Guetamala. Let’s give these children a hope!

What do you have to do?

  1. Make a team with your family members, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, etc.
  2. Decide with what kind of challenges you will participate. You can hike, walk, jog or ride your bike for all of June.
  3. Set your own sport goal with your teammates.
  4. Sign up for the challenge by Kinderzukunft with the German registration form or the English registration form. (Also attached to our e-mail.)
  5. Search for supporters (family members, friends, etc.) who can make a contract with you about his donation. You can download the English contract here and the German here. (See attached to our e-mail.)
  6. Fulfill your sports goals! (Don’t forget to take some photos as a proof.)
  7. Inform your supporters when you reach your goal, so they can donate the amount agreed upon in your contract. 
  8. Look forward to getting your certificate in July!

 The Parents’ Association is willing to support the best performing teams with making a contract with them and donating to Guatemala. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a supporter: office@esfparents.org.

More information about the charity sports challenge here.

If you have questions: agnestome@outlook.com or Kinderzukunft: Challenge@kinderzukunft.de.


Do not hesitate to take the challenge and sport up - Let’s see which is the strongest team!