Dear Parents,

We are writing to you to offer important information on current services and changes to EuroKids Service.

As you may be aware, the incidence of Covid-19 cases has been declining in Frankfurt and this has led to a loosening of restrictions to our serviceswith the ESF returning to full schedules for Primary and S1. 


Transport Services

Previous Services:  Transport Services were being offered mornings and a limited service directly after school for children when attending their ESF in situ lessons or Emergency Childminding.

Actual Services: Regular Transport Services are possible based on parents’ original bus registrations. Parents have been contacted with a reminder of their bus registrations and further information.

If you wish to communicate changes, or have questions with regards to Transport, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Childminding Services

Previous Services:  Emergency Childcare is taking place for all eligible Children in PP,  P1-P5 Children in group A and S1-S2 secondary students in group B. “Let's Move” (PP only) is taking place as per usual.

Actual Services: Limited Childminding Services are be taking place for all children (PP-S2). More information can be found at ESF Parents' Association - Limited Childminding. Parents currently registered for Emergency Childminding did not need to reapply for childcare and have been contacted with more information. All other parents should use the link above for more information. Deadline for applications for Limited Childminding Services is the Friday prior to the week in which the services take place. “Let's Move” (PP only) is taking place as per usual.

Extra Curricular Activities

Previous Services:  No in situ extra curricular activities were taking place, only online lessons were taking place. Parents will be contacted shortly with regards to their 2020-2021 registrations and activities for their child for 2021-2022.

Actual Services: Only online lessons are confirmed to take place. We will be assessing the potential for Sports Activities similar to “Let’s Move” and contact parents in due course.

What Happens Next?

Parents currently registered for services have been contacted with more information specific to their registrations. If you have not received information, feel free to let us know. Planning for the 2021-2022 school year is in its final stages and our new Extra Curricular programme, as well as the, childminding school bus registration for 2021-2022, is scheduled to be released online on 01.06.21. Parents registered for EuroKids services for the 2020-2021 school year (previous childminidng, transport or extra curricular activity registration) will be contacted with a reminder of their registration and given the option to cancel for the next school year. If parents do not require changes and no action is taken, registrations will automatically continue for the next school year.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that we can keep you informed of any changes as soon as these happen.

Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Healthy regards,

Your EuroKids Team