Dear Parents,

Please find below the latest information on EuroKids services. In short, the only services we will be running until further notice are emergency childminding and online activities. Please note that the law around the eligibility for Emergency Childminding has been tightened and parents previously registered for this service should read the information below very carefully as there are additional requirements.

Am I eligible for Emergency Childminding?

According to German law, Emergency Childminding services are only availlable for single parents, to households with both parents working or in other extreme medical cases which affect the health of a child. Proof of such eligibility will need to be provided in the form of a legal document. Information on this can be found below.

Childcare will be starting for PP from 30.04.21 and for P1-S2 from 27.04.21. We apologise for the later start for PP children owing to the extremely challenging logistics involved in arranging this service.

I have been registered for emergency childminding before, do I need to reapply?

All PP Students need to reapply and the tight deadline for applications is 27.04.21. More information can be found here

P1-S2 students previously registered do not need to apply though must submit documentation of eligibility.

I am new to emergency childminding how do I apply?

More information and applications can be found here 

Will childcare Extra (16.00-18.00) be running in the week of 26-30 April?

No, though we aim to be able to provide childcare extra from next week onwards (03.05.21)

When will EuroKids Transport services be running again?

EuroKids Transport service will recommence when the school opens for in situ lessons. According to most recent legislation this will be possible, once Frankfurt has a covid incindence rate lower than 165 cases per 100,000 population for 5 consecutive days. EuroKids will not charge parents for bus services that are not taking place. 

We would like to wish you all the best of health through these challenging times and thank you in advance for your understanding in this last minute organisation of Childcare services.

Warm regards,

George Betts

General Manager

EuroKids gGmbH