Dear parents,

In the context of the closure of the school in March 2020, and of the rapid organisation of distance learning, the ECB charity EuroHope has played a key role in supporting students and teachers with appropriate IT equipment.

Between mid-April and end-June, more than 230 laptops have been distributed to students and teachers, both from primary and from secondary.

This operation would not have been possible without the incredible involvement and dedication of volunteers from EuroHope, who managed within few weeks to increase the stock of laptops available from 70 to more than 200.

Given the limited number of laptops originally available, the Parents Association launched surveys in order to identify who were the students in secondary and then in primary who most urgently needed a laptop. Once the most urgent cases identified, an email was sent to the whole school community and all students and teachers who asked for a laptop received one.

All laptops were distributed after a minimum donation of 175 euros for the first set of laptops available (Lenovo, Generation 1), and 200 euros for the remaining machines (Lenovo, Generation 2). In total, EuroHope has raised more than 50,000 euros which has been distributed to several charities in Europe fighting Covid-19.

In addition to this massive operation, the ESF Parents Association wanted to show solidarity with our neighbour schools (Ernst Reuter Schule 1 and 2). In this context, the Board of the PA has approved the donation on its behalf of 20 laptops to students at both schools, for a total amount of 3,500 euros. In addition, EuroHope has also offered an additional 20 laptops to ERS 1 and 2.

The ESF PA would like again to thank EuroHope for having supported the school community under these difficult circumstances. Thanks to this unique collaboration all requests received by the PA have now been satisfied. The PA and EuroHope will continue working together to provide students with IT material.

Your Parents’ Association