On 18 September, the Parents Association arranged its Annual Welcome Coffee, where new parents were invited to get to know to the school better, meet other parents, and to gather information about the school and extra services, as well practical information about the life in Frankfurt and Germany.

Many interested parents attended to the event and we believe everyone enjoyed themselves and left satisfied, though they had to hide their smiles behind their masks this year.


Indeed, this year we held our Welcome Coffee in a new fashion – the pandemic way. This means no coffee or pastries were served and we held our event outdoors. We were still pleased to be able to hold any kind of safe gathering to introduce newcomers to ESF and give some guidance on everyday situations around the school and Frankfurt.

The president of the ESF PA Board, Ms Floriana Grimaldi, welcomed first the parents and she introduced the PA and its projects which are promoting the interests and well-being of the children of the ESF. She briefly introduced projects from last year, such as Mindfulness and Storytelling, as well as other pedagogical support. She also talked about school events arranged by the PA, like Summerfest or themed parties held for the primary school.

The general manager of Eurokids, Georg Betts, presented the services of Eurokids as well as answered questions regarding extracurricular activities, childminding and the school bus.

Our event was honored also by the management of the school. Not only Mr Ferdinand Patscheider, Director of ESF, welcomed the new parents but also. Ms Anastazija Avsec, Deputy Director of the Nursery and Primary School, and Ms Minna Laatu, Deputy Director of the Secondary School presented themselves and offered their help in any case of difficulties.

Last but not least the Learning Support team, Ms. Kyriakoula Chatzivassiliadou and Ms. Marja Korpimäki clarified their roles at the school and encouraged parents with questions and concerns about their children to approach the teacher and their office to discuss support options.

All the questions of mutual interests about the Canteen, the school bus and the extracurricular activities were answered and then attendees had the chance to discuss further topics concerning them individually with the members of the administration and PA board, all while maintaining masks and social distancing during the entire event. We got to know many new parents, we answered many questions concerning the school and Frankfurt and gave a lot of tips about school.

Though we could not offer any coffee and cookies this year, we tried to keep our event as sweet as possible with behind our masks hiding smiles and kindness. We believe the Welcome Coffee was successful and we helped many parents to feel at home in our community.

Thank you for all the support.