Some activities related to the well-being of children at school, financed by the ESF Parents Association - in partnership with pre-primary and primary teachers - are being reorganized during the challenging Coronavirus period.

To do this, a project initiated in 2018 for the management of attention and emotions is proposed in the form of videos recorded in several languages (English, German, French) that teachers use remotely as teaching material.

Another multi-language Educational Music Project (Italian, English, Spanish) started in 2019 and is also maintained in the form of videos proposed to children during the distance learning period.

In order to ensure visibility of these activities, we wish to share them with the greatest number of parents and allow everyone to use them regularly with children in a family setting. We have therefore decided to publish these videos on YouTube. You'll find the links below.

We hope that these projects, which seem to gain increasing popularity with children and teachers, will find your interest.

Your Parents' Association team


1. Mindfulness Project (Christelle Pillot)  
Language Class Title URL
EN PP The Glitter Ball
EN PP The Balloon
EN PP The emotions monster
EN PP Pink Bubble
EN P1-5 Introduction
EN P1-5 Session 1: Your Breath
EN P1-5 Session 2: The 5 Senses
EN P1-5 Session 3: The Thoughts
EN P1-5 Session 4: The Circle of Thoughts
EN P1-5 Session 5: The Emotions
EN P1-5 Session 6: Empathy
EN P1-5 Session 7: Summary
EN P1-5 Session 8: Emotions Transformation
EN P1-5 Session 9: Positiv Thinking
EN P1-5 Session 10: Resilience
FR PP La Balle Paillettes
FR PP Le Ballon dans le Ventre
FR PP Les Emotions avec les Monstres
FR PP La boule Rose
FR P1-5 Introduction
FR P1-5 Séance 1: La Respiration
FR P1-5 Séance 2: Les 5 Sens
FR P1-5 Séance 3: Les pensées
FR P1-5 Séance 4: Le cercle des pensées
FR P1-5 Séance 5: Les Emotions
FR P1-5 Séance 6: Récapitulatif
FR P1-5 Séance 7: Méditation Récapitulative
FR P1-5 Séance 8: L´empathie
FR P1-5 Séance 9: Transformation des émotions
FR P1-5 Séance 10: Pensées positives
DE PP Der Glitzerball
DE PP Der Luftballon
DE PP Gefühlsmonster
DE PP Die rosa Blase
DE P1-5 Einführung
DE P1-5 Session 1: Das Atmen
DE P1-5 Session 2: Die 5 Sinne
DE P1-5 Session 3: Die Gedanken
DE P1-5 Session 4: Der Gedankenkreis
DE P1-5 Session 5: Die Gefühle
DE P1-5 Session 6: Die Empathie
DE P1-5 Session 7: Resilienz
DE P1-5 Session 8: Positiv denken
DE P1-5 Session 9: Gefühle ändern
DE P1-5 Session 10:
2. Educational Music Project (Silvia Ragni)  
Language Class Title URL
EN PP/P1 Presentation
EN PP/P1 1: Warm up Heel and tip preprimary eng
EN PP/P1 2: Let's play!
EN PP/P1 3: The hidden Instrument
EN PP/P1 4: Musical Journey with imagination
IT PP/P1 Presentazione
IT PP/P1 1: Warm up Tacco e punta pre primary ita
IT PP/P1 2: Riconosciamo gli strumenti musicali
IT PP/P1 3: Giochiamo con gli strumenti
IT PP/P1 4: Lo strumento nascosto
IT PP/P1 5: Viaggio musicale nella fantasia
ES PP/P1 Presentación
ES PP/P1 1: Warm up Taco y punta preprimary esp
ES PP/P1 2: Jugemos con los instrumentos musicales
ES PP/P1 3: Reconocemos los instrumentos musicales
ES PP/P1 4: El instrumento escondido
ES PP/P1 5: Viaje musical con imaginación