Our school community participates every year in the charitable event known as “Christmas in a Shoebox" (Weihnachtspäckchen für Kinder in Not). The goal of this campaign is to collect Christmas gifts for children in need, who otherwise wouldn’t get any presents at all. The parcels will be distributed to the children living in poverty in countries such as Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Ukraine by organization Kinderzukunft.


We start the collection of the presents this year on 2nd December 2019, and the presents will be picked up from the school on 16th December 2019.


How can you participate? Take a shoebox (approx. 30 x 20 x 10 cm) and decide whether you want to prepare one for a boy, a girl or both genders. Then fill it with small presents and useful items. Here are some examples:

- Toys (may be used, if in good condition): cuddly toy, doll, car, puzzle, etc.

- Toiletries: ie. Toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, creme, hair clip, towel, etc.

- School utensils: pencil case, crayons, chalk, colouring-in books, eraser, etc.

- Clothing (must be NEW): i.e., hats, scarf, gloves, t-shirt, baseball cap, etc.

- Sweets: lollipops, caramels, chocolate (without nuts), the sell-by date should be good for three months;

- Personal greetings: the children welcome a personal card or photograph.


The following items should NOT be given:

- Used, old and broken items;

- Electronic items;

- Breakables or liquids, perfumes, etc.

- Foodstuff: nuts, sugar, pasta, coffee, tea, juices, milk products, etc.

- Chocolate with nuts, biscuits;

- Gummi bears, wine gum, etc.

- Dangerous items, such as war toys, scissors, knives, etc.

 - Articles to do with magic or witchcraft.


Now close the box and tape the top with Tesa-tape and wrap the box in a pretty Christmas paper. Cut out the relevant label and glue it onto the box. (You can download the GIRL LABEL here, the BOY LABEL here and the NEUTRAL LABEL here.)

Bring your box to school between 2nd and 13th December and leave it under one of the Christmas trees in the foyer of the main school building or on the ground floor of the Modular building.

If you have any questions, please contact us: agnestome@outlook.com or check the official website of the campaign.

Last year we collected more than 600 gifts. We believe we can collect even more this year.


Thank you for your help.

Ágnes Tomé-Hécz

for the ESF Parents Association organizational committee