We had the opportunity to welcome Olivier Revol for 2 days - and 5 conferences - reserved for all parents but also for teachers and teenagers of the French section of the European School.

We had a great time with him, his energy, his exceptional capacity for popularization, his availability, his ability to conquer varied audiences will not fail to leave excellent memories of beautiful shared moments and beautiful doses of collective emotions on sometimes difficult subjects.

We are grateful to him for this "marathon" and more particularly for having agreed to present his conference on 21st century teenagers in English to an enthusiastic audience from all over Europe who discovered him that evening.

A collaboration between the ESF Parents' Association, the Lycée Français Victor Hugo and the Dys à Francfort association made this important project possible for families and we warmly thank the volunteers from the two schools who participated.

Thanks also to Florence Dailleux who produced the graphic recording synthesizing these conferences, especially the one on flourishing at school, which may soon no longer be a crazy idea... thanks to the teachers who also came in large numbers. We thank them for that.

And a special thanks to Delphine Braun, President of the PA, who encouraged this project since the beginning.