As part of a larger and on-going communication project within the Parents’ Association, the PA updated their logo in the spring.  The brief for this project was to create a more modern identity for our PA with a logo more closely projecting an image of partnership within our own school as well as with other European schools. For this task we worked with a professional graphic designer with close ties to our school, Mélanie Heddrich of HDMH Visual Concept.

The final product uses two brush strokes, which symbolize an active interaction.

The cool bright modern tones represent the blue and yellow EU-colour range meeting in the middle with green, symbolic of a fertile and productive collaboration. The designation is presented in DIN font, chosen for its readability in large and small visions and for its classic, modern and timeless character.  It was in fact created in 1906 and first published 1931. 

The sub title Schola Europoae was used since we are a school within a group of schools representing multiple cultures and languages, rather than writing this in English or German.  Indeed, already in the seventies the designation in Latin was applied to unify and consolidate the mixed population of the schools, with no preference for one language and independent of sections and/or countries. 

The EuroKids logo is visually linked with that of the PA each entity with its own mission and purpose yet working towards the same goal... a visual representation and expression of our symbiotic relationship.

The coloured dots complement the PA logo in its style and aesthetic and are playful and active, reminiscent of the paint pens young children play with.  The dots also represent children: of all sizes, standing close, together or apart – to embrace all differences.

Opposite to the cool colour range of the PA, the EuroKids logo is presented in warm yet vibrant tones. These colours symbolize emotion, passion, fight and love.

The final result was unveiled in the spring and has since been used both internally and externally. 

View the Parents’ Associations’ New Brochure Here.