The European School Frankfurt (ESF) Secondary Cycle and the Parents Association (PA) invite parents to an info session on

“Guiding your child on a path to a unique and meaningful life”

Wednesday, 11 April at 17:30 in the Cinema room (C5.02) of the ECB main building.

We want our children to be “successful” adults, but how do we define and measure “success”?

Most parents would agree that they would like their children to become responsible, independent, motivated, and self-reliant adults who will lead a meaningful life. However, each child’s individual potentials and challenges cannot be addressed by a single formula or defined goal. How can we advise and guide our children to be able to negotiate their own paths without getting in the way? How do we help them to explore passions and develop their talents? How do we engage them in the conversation of defining their own successes and meaning in life?

Under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Napiorkowski Lubbe, a U.S. Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, this Mind Matters session will explore these topics, through conversation and exchange. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the talk as the topic is explored, as well as at the end of the presentation over drinks and finger food.

All interested parents are welcome to attend. If you and/or your partner would like to attend this event, please register yourself and/or your partner by Friday, 6 April.

The event, hosted by the Directorate General Human Resources, is one of the initiatives launched during the Respect/Anti-Bullying Week organized at the ESF – Secondary from 9 to 13 April 2018.

Ms. Kyriaki Chatzivassiliadou, Deputy Head of the Secondary Cycle, Ms. Michelle Ehrler and Jutta Hollacher, Respect Week Coordinators, Ms. Doriana Brunner, Board Member of the Parents Association, will also be present to contribute to the event.

Registration details

If you need a visitor parking space, please include your license plate details in the registration list. Partners of ECB staff or non-ECB parents of ESF secondary pupils can also contact the Staff Info Point (tel: 069 1344 7154, to be registered. External visitors are reminded to bring their passport or ID and allow some time for the security check at the ECB’s Visitor Entrance (Sonnemannstrasse 20).