Consent to the Processing of Personal Data by Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. and EuroKids gGmbH

As charitable association, Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. (Parents’ Association - “PA”) is committed to the interests of children at the European School Frankfurt (“ESF”). It supports the cooperation and dialogue between parents and the ESF.

As a non-profit company of the PA, EuroKids gGmbH („EuroKids“) organizes services in connection with childminding, holiday camps, bus transport to the European School Frankfurt (“ESF”) as well as afternoon activities for the members of the PA and their children.

Parents’ representatives are an essential link in ensuring an informed relationship between the ESF, the parents, and the PA and EuroKids. The PA and EuroKids will be available for all questions and matters with regard to activities and offers at the ESF. The parents’ representatives will be informed via email by the PA respectively EuroKids about upcoming events and offers.

To make this exchange possible, the PA kindly requests that parent’s representatives provide their email address and the following consent to the processing of personal data:

I hereby expressly consent to the processing of my personal data (first and last name as well as e-mail address, represented class and section) by Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. as well as EuroKids gGmbH.

The PA and EuroKids will inform me via email about its activities at the ESF. My personal data is processed by the PA and EuroKids only for this purpose. My personal data will be deleted as soon as I am no longer parents’ representative, unless storage of data is stipulated or necessary for legitimate reasons.

I was explicitly informed that the processing of my personal data without my consent is not permitted, unless it is permitted by law or other regulatory provisions. The consent is voluntary. I was explicitly informed about the right to withdraw my consent with future effect at any time. If consent is withdrawn, all data processing operations that were based on consent and took place before the withdrawal of consent remain lawful. I am aware that I can also refuse my consent without this resulting in disadvantages for me.

I have been informed about the right, in the cases provided for by law, upon request and free of charge, to obtain information on the personal data being processed. I have also been informed that in the cases provided for by law I have the right to correct, block or delete incorrect data and the right to object to the further use of my personal data in the future.

Other statutory or regulatory provisions allowing the processing of personal data shall remain unaffected.

For questions and/or comments, please contact (PA) respectively (EuroKids).

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