• Extracurricular Activities
  • 1. What are Extra Curricular Activities?

    Extra Curricular Activities are activities which take place after school such as football, ballet etc…

  • 2. Where do activities take place and where do I collect my child?

    As a rule, Activities take place in the school for PP & P1 children and at EuroKids Village for children P2 and up. At the end of the school day, the children who are registered for activities will be directed where to go by a member of our Team and then by their Activity Leaders. Children in later activities are normally registered for childminding services and directed to the club by their childminders. Pick up is from the Modular Building for PP & P1 students and the EuroKids Village for students P2 and older.

  • 3. How can I register for Extra Curricular Activities?

    These can be applied for online under www.eurokids.gmbh

    Parents must be a member of the European School Frankfurt Parents’ association to apply for Extra Curricular Activities.

  • 4. Can my child try out activities mid year or mid trimester?

    Yes, for a trial day at any time please apply online. All trials of activities are subject to space being available. Due to the high number of applications throughout the year, applications should be made at least 1 week in advance of the preferred trial date. If children do not wish to continue with a club after a mid term trial of 2 weeks out team should be informed via office@eurokids.gmbh This cancellation may incur a 30Eur administration charge.

  • 5. How long does the extra-curricular contract last and when and how can I terminate it?

    After the first 3 weeks of a new school year, the contract then lasts for one school trimester and will automatically be extended for another trimester if not terminated (see below).

    The Extra Curricular Activities contract will also extend into the next school year

    (e.g. Trimester 3 into Trimester 1) if this is not cancelled prior to the end of the 3rd trimester.

    During the first 3 weeks of a school year, the Extra Curricular Activities contract can be cancelled any time.

  • 6. To make changes or cancel activities -

    1. Sign into your parent association account at www.eurokids.gmbh

    2. Navigate to the Extra Curricular Activities page, select the activity and press cancel

    3. Await Confirmation mail

    Changes take effect from the beginning of each new trimester (excluding initial trial period)

  • 7. How do I pay for Extra Curricular Activities?

    Activities are booked at the end of each school trimester, after the activities have taken place. Parents will receive a SEPA notification mail detailing costs which will be debited from the account which was provided in your Parent Association membership application.

  • 8. Who do I contact regarding invoices and financial bookings?

    Please contact our team at office@eurokids.gmbhwe would be pleased to help you.

  • 9. Are there times when activities do not take place?

    No activities take place on days when the ESF school is closed, the last day before the Summer and Winter breaks and the first week of school after the Summer Break. We try to avoid cancellations (due to teacher illness etc.. ) during term time wherever possible, through provision of alternative teachers, though in the case this is not possible, childminding services are provided.

  • 10. Will I still be charged if a certain activity does not take place?

    No, activities are calculated on the number of weeks they take place and booked from parents accounts at the end of each trimester. Childminding services are provided for children in the unlikely event of activities not taking place.

  • 11. What happens if I am late picking up my child?

    After an activity has ended, those children not collected by parents are brough back to childmindinding. For parents of children not registered with childminding, additional costs will be charged if parents are late.

  • 12. Do I have to do anything if I receive a mail that my child is on an activity waiting list?

    No. Our team will contact you as soon as a place becomes available in your child’s chosen activity. If the group remains fully booked and we receive enough interest for an activity we may contact you with the opportunity to join a new activity group at a different time.

  • 13. Why are Sports Activities not taking place earlier, directly after school?

    Space is limited and EuroKids is very fortunate that the ESF kindly offers its sports facilities for EuroKids Extra Curricular Activities after 16.00. Prior to this time the sports hall is being used for regular school sports lessons for secondary students. On Tuesdays the Sports hall is used for EuroSports more information can be found here -

    We have introduced new terms and conditions to ensure that Extra Curricular Activities can continue to function

    in the best way possible. These are available online upon registration.