Back To School 2020

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that EuroKids services are planned to resume with the 2020-2021 new school year. The health and safety of the children remains our top priority and we will be introducing additional hygiene measures in light of current circumstances. Parents registered for EuroKids services will be contacted regarding specifics for their children.
Although EuroKids, as a childcare institution, is subject to looser hygiene regulations than schools we will be ensuring that our health and safety practices go over and above the statutory regulations and mirror that of the ESF as much as practicable.

We will be doing our best to ensure services resume as normally as possible for the children and stand prepared to react flexibly to any potential changes to state regulations and ESF guidelines.

Wishing you and your family a healthy start to the school year.

Your EuroKids Team.

EuroKids Services Management

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Welcome to the Parents' Association of the European School Frankfurt

The Parents’ Association of the European School Frankfurt is the formal voice of parents with children at the school. We represent the interests of all ESF children, without discrimination. Our prime aim is to secure a happy and healthy learning environment in which they can thrive, and realise their full academic potential.

Our Parents’ Association is a registered non-profit organisation, founded by a General Assembly held on 24 June 2002, which also adopted the statute providing the basic framework in which we work. An elected Board is responsible for managing PA affairs. To become a member, please use the Application for Membership form.

What do we do?

Represent parents

We speak for their needs and interests at two main levels. In Frankfurt, we are present at meetings of the Administration Board, which determines how the school functions on a daily basis. Parents also have their say on the Pedagogical Committees, which set the tone for the teaching work. In Brussels, at the heart of the European School system, we are members of Interparents. This is the umbrella organisation which represents the Parents’ Associations of all 12 European Schools on the ultimate Board of Governors.

Certain activities of the PA are only available to members. To join the PA, please complete the Application for Membership form.

Please note that we cannot comment or advise on school admissions. Please contact the ESF Secretariat with any such enquiries.

After-school care and holiday activities

The Parents’ Association though its wholly owned subsidiary EuroKids gGmbH organises childminding/homework supervision, extracurricular activities, holiday camps and school buses for all ESF pupils to take the burden off working parents.


The Parents’ Association organises several events during the school year, such as the Christmas Bazaar, the summer event, and the Primary Disco. More ideas are planned, for fun and fund-raising purposes!

Improvements to the Library

The Parents’ Association works with the school to improve our libraries. PA volunteers did an enormous amount of work setting up the primary library.

In addition, we organise readings in the primary library by fantastic children’s authors.

Parent Representative - Data Processing Consent

Consent to the Processing of Personal Data by Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. and EuroKids gGmbH

As charitable association, Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. (Parents’ Association - “PA”) is committed to the interests of children at the European School Frankfurt (“ESF”). It supports the cooperation and dialogue between parents and the ESF.

As a non-profit company of the PA, EuroKids gGmbH („EuroKids“) organizes services in connection with childminding, holiday camps, bus transport to the European School Frankfurt (“ESF”) as well as afternoon activities for the members of the PA and their children.

Parents’ representatives are an essential link in ensuring an informed relationship between the ESF, the parents, and the PA and EuroKids. The PA and EuroKids will be available for all questions and matters with regard to activities and offers at the ESF. The parents’ representatives will be informed via email by the PA respectively EuroKids about upcoming events and offers.

To make this exchange possible, the PA kindly requests that parent’s representatives provide their email address and the following consent to the processing of personal data:

I hereby expressly consent to the processing of my personal data (first and last name as well as e-mail address, represented class and section) by Elternverein der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt e.V. as well as EuroKids gGmbH.

The PA and EuroKids will inform me via email about its activities at the ESF. My personal data is processed by the PA and EuroKids only for this purpose. My personal data will be deleted as soon as I am no longer parents’ representative, unless storage of data is stipulated or necessary for legitimate reasons.

I was explicitly informed that the processing of my personal data without my consent is not permitted, unless it is permitted by law or other regulatory provisions. The consent is voluntary. I was explicitly informed about the right to withdraw my consent with future effect at any time. If consent is withdrawn, all data processing operations that were based on consent and took place before the withdrawal of consent remain lawful. I am aware that I can also refuse my consent without this resulting in disadvantages for me.

I have been informed about the right, in the cases provided for by law, upon request and free of charge, to obtain information on the personal data being processed. I have also been informed that in the cases provided for by law I have the right to correct, block or delete incorrect data and the right to object to the further use of my personal data in the future.

Other statutory or regulatory provisions allowing the processing of personal data shall remain unaffected.

For questions and/or comments, please contact (PA) respectively (EuroKids).

Personal Data

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Chill Zone Application


ESF Emergency Childcare 

In cooperation with the ESF, EuroKids has been offering emergency child care under the regulations of the State of Hessen from Tuesday, 12 May 2020.. With the generous support of the ECB, this service is provided without charge to parents and an ESF parents association membership will be necessary for application.


Who is eligible for the childcare?

Places are first offered first to single parents and to parents belonging to the specific professional groups mentioned in the Hessen legal framework e.g. health sector, teachers and ECB parents performing business critical tasks on the ECB premises (listed as Cat A in the ECB’s business continuity planning).

Should there be enough capacity, the offer is extended to ECB parents performing business critical tasks remotely.


How do I apply?

An employer’s certificate to confirm that parents fulfill these eligibility criteria will be required to finalise the registration.

For ECB parents a briefing about the infection risk by the ECB Medical Centre will also be required. The process will be coordinated with the support of DG-HR: Ursula Pauer and Thierry Ragueneau at the ECB.

If you meet the pre-requisites and consider the emergency child care as a viable option, please apply below using the online application (An ESF Parent Association membership is required)

IMPORTANT: ECB Employees please enter your staff ID number in the comments box

Other professions should state their eligibility (e.g. health sector, single parent, ESF Teacher)  in the comments box.


There are no activities in the selected category