Textbooks – especially non-German – can be difficult to find and expensive to buy. Some are also heavy so it may be useful to keep a second set at home. In order to help parents who are looking for books, as well as those who want to sell the books their children no longer need, the Parents’ Association has organised for its members this online Book Exchange. The list of all textbooks prescribed for the current school year is visible to everyone but transactions can only be performed by PA members who are logged in to the website.

The school book lists change slightly from one year to another (and even if the titles remain the same, the edition can change). In order to avoid confusion between old and new editions and to make sure that the offer is always up to date, in June the old list will be deleted from our website and a new choice list will be published, as soon as it is released by the school. Then you can start to put your books up for sale and look for books to buy. So if you haven’t yet sold all the books posted so far on the Book Exchange, please be aware that they will disappear from our website in June and need to be entered again – if they still are going to be used.

There are two lists on this site - see menu on the left:

The main list - Selling Books - from which you can select books you want to offer. This list is visible to everybody.

The "Buying Books" list shows books which have been offered by other members. This list can also be viewed by everybody but only logged-in members can offer books or contact sellers.