1. What is Childminding?

Childminding is a highly flexible afternoon care for children in Nursery, Primary and Secondary School (S1, S2) of the European School Frankfurt (ESF), whose parents are members of the Parents’ Association.

2. Where does Childminding take place?

Childminding is divided into two areas. The care of the Nursery and Primary-1 children is taking place on the premises of the ESF in the rooms of the modular building and the children of Primary 2 until Secondary 2 are taken care of in three container buildings on the premises of EuroKids gGmbH on the opposite of the ESF.

3. Which opening hours does Childminding have?

Childminding takes place after school ends and can be booked either until 16:30 or 18:15.

4. Are there closing times in Childminding?

The summer closing times are planned each year depending on the ESF holiday calendar and amount to one to a maximum of two weeks. Childminding is closed during the Christmas Break.

5. What happens on days when school ends early?

Childminding usually offers early childcare. For this you must register your child separately. We will inform you as soon as possible by e-mail or via our newsletter about special days.

6. Who are my contact persons for Childminding?

Childminding management: Sabine Tüshaus 0176-19945372
Head of Department Nursery and Primary 1: Eileen Beier: 0176-19945097
Head of Department Primary 2- Secondary 2: Anke Holzschuh: 0176-19945371

7. How can I register my child for Childminding?

The registration for Childminding is made via the website of the Parents’ Association: http://www.eurokids.gmbh . Here you will find current and general information.

8. How can I change my registration?

You can view our change your data or care options via the Childminding registration platform. For this, log in via the website of EuroKids gGmbH and you will be redirected to the platform.

9. At what time can I change my registration?

For each trimester there is a specific deadline for changes.
24.09.23 – Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for 1st Trimester (September – December 2023)
15.12.23 -Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for 2nd Trimester ( January – Easter 2024)
17.03.24 – Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for 3rd Trimester (Easter – Summer Break 2024)

28.06.24 - Activity, Childminding and School Bus deadline for next school year 

10. What happens if I miss the deadline to change my registration?

Then the change applies to the next trimester. Additional bookings are always possible, as long as enough capacity is available. If you cancel your registration, you continue to pay for the options you have booked until the next deadline.

11. Who do I contact regarding the payment?

Please contact EuroKids gGmbH for all questions concerning payments.

12. What language is spoken in Childminding?

German is our common language in Childminding. It is complemented by the multilingualism of the ESF.

13. What do I have to consider before my child participates in Childminding for the first time?

Childminding should have your registration, contact details and persons authorized to collect you child/children. Please inform us about potential ECA’s and bus times that concern your child/children and also please inform your child/children’s teacher about the participation in Childminding. A requirement for the care of your child in our facility is, according to the German Measles Protection Act, proof of vaccination against measles.

14. What do I do if my child is sick or can’t participate in Childminding?

Please send an email at the latest 3 hours before school ends to childminding@global-education.de and let us know about the duration of the absence.
Please inform us immediately if your child has a notifiable illness according to § 6 IFSG.

15. How does my child get from the classroom to Childminding?

The children from Nursery to Primary 3 are picked up by permanent childminders at the classrooms. The children from Primary 4 to Secondary 2 come to Childminding independently.

16. At what times can I pick up my child?

You can pick up your child from Childminding at any time within the booked childcare option. Please note that picking up your child during the transfer phase from school to Childminding and during snack time can only be arranged in exceptional cases.

17. What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

If you have not informed us, we will try to contact you. For a late pickup after 18:15 (Late-Check-Out) you will be charged 30,00€. For a late pickup after 16:30 an extension of the care time until 18:15 will be charged. The signature for a late pickup after 18:15 is required. EuroKids gGmbH decides on exceptional cases.

18. What does my child need for childminding?

Children from Nursery to Primary 1 need slippers. Please mark the property of your child/children with the name. Fruit and water is always available for your child. If this is not enough, you can give your child/children a snack.

19. Is my child allowed to bring their own toys to Childminding?

Own toys are generally allowed in Childminding, as long as they do not disturb the Childminding process. The staff of Childminding decides about a possible ban. Please note that we are not liable for any toys you bring along. Please do not let your child/children bring electronical devices and toys to Childminding. The active use of mobile phones, i-pads etc. are only allowed from the 4th grade onwards in a certain time frame.

20. Can my child do homework at Childminding?

Childminding offers homework supervision in the languages of the sections after the end of school.

21. Is Childminding also offered during the holidays?

During the ESF holidays (except for a maximum of 2 closing weeks in summer and the Christmas Break). Childminding offers all-day holiday camps (08:00  - 18:15).

22. How do holiday camps differ from regular Childminding?

The holiday camps take place all day with full catering (breakfast, lunch, snack). The weeks have a specific theme with various workshops and excursions. A short description of each program can be found on the Childminding holiday camp leaflet on the website of EuroKids gGmbH.

23. How can I register my child for the holiday camps?

Registrations for the holiday camps must be made via the website of EuroKids gGmbH. Places are limited and will be allocated according to the "first come first served" procedure.

24. How do I know that my registration for the holiday camps has been successful?

You will soon receive a general confirmation of the holiday camps you have booked and shortly before the start of the holiday week a program plan with the respective contact persons will be sent to you by e-mail.