Our after-school programme consists of childminding and afternoon activities. These services are exclusively available to children of Parents’ Association members.

Childminding is offered for pre-primary, primary and for pupils in the first two years of secondary school (S1 and S2). The opening hours for childminding are Monday to Friday from the end of the school day until 18.15h.

Please note that in Secondary, students also have the possibility to use the school library for studying until 16:00h every day and may not require Childminding services.

We offer different pedagogical concepts for different age groups. On an average day, children will be welcomed after school by their own childminders in their own rooms. They will discuss the experiences of the school day and then start playing or complete their homework. A wide variety of activities are offered and children can independently decide what they want to do themselves: playing outside or in one of the activity rooms. We offer supervision throughout the grounds. Parents can either pick their children up at the childminding facilities themselves, or register their children for the school buses for transport home.

Registration for Childminding can be completed by logged-in PA members via the menu items on the left.

Childminding is run by Global Education GmbH, a professional childcare provider, and is housed on the school grounds and in the EuroKids facilities. A monthly newsletter keeps parents updated.

Childminding is significantly subsidised by the ECB. Parents pay a contribution for childminding services which are listed below

Until 16:30h: €8 per day per child
Until 18:15h: €13 per day per child

Every registration is valid for the whole school year and based on the number of days booked per week, the fees are compiled by EuroKids and will be charged at the beginning of each term. Any change to the initial registration will incur a service charge of €30.

If a child stays longer than registered, a surcharge of €10 will be charged per day. If a child stays after 18:15h, a surcharge of €30 will be charged per day.

Please keep in mind the following points:

1. Only those children registered for childminding on a given day can attend on that day. This also applies if Afternoon Activities are cancelled or do not take place in the first week after summer holidays.

2. EuroKids has an accident insurance for all children enrolled in childminding. There is no medical insurance for any incident that may happen during childminding. Potential medical costs in such cases are borne by the child’s general medical insurance.

Further information:

Childminding concept document