Childminding is exclusively available for members of the Parents' Association.

Childcare is offered to preschool, primary and secondary school (S1, S2) pupils and is available every school day from the end of the school day until 6.15pm

Childminding is organized by Global Education GmbH, a subsidiary of the pme Familienservice Group. Childminding works according to an open concept and cares for children in age-specific departments.


  • Children of preschool and P1 are looked after on the school grounds of the ESF in class-rooms of the Modular Building.
  • P2-S2 students are cared for in three container buildings in the EuroKids Village opposite the ESF main entrance.

Daily Routines

Preschool children and primary school students (up to P3) are picked up by the Childminding team after school and escorted to the locations where Childminding takes place. Students from P4-S2 walk to Childminding on their own. After arriving and settling in children have the option to engage in free play in the various themed rooms or outside areas. They also have the option to engage in a diverse range of activities such as cooking, creative designing or fitness. There are small afternoon snacks after 4.40pm for every-one.

We offer support with homework. If required please note this in your registration.
Further information on the Childminding educational concept can be found here.


Childminding is significantly subsidised by the ECB. Prices for parents are as follows:

  • From school end until 4.30pm: € 8 per child per day
  • From school end until 6.15 pm: € 13 per child per day
  • Additional single days or extensions can be booked for children already registered in Childminding. The contribution will be double the regular price.

If a child stays longer than they are registered, € 10 will be charged per day. If a child is picked up later than 6.15pm, € 30 per child per day will be charged.


For logged-in PA members, online registration for Childminding can be completed by following the links to the left of this page.

Each registration is valid until written notice by the member. EuroKids calculates the contribution on the basis of the registered days and withdraws it from the member’s account at the be-ginning of each trimester.

Further information can be found in our AGBs.