Acting for children means PLAY - FUN - MOVEMENT. So they start having fun by playing special theatre games for self-awereness, self confidence and emotional development. They learn to watch, to see precisely, they imitate, they mirror, react, go on. They improvise all together, look for movement, expression, language and rhythm. They do all this together, be it two of them, or even three in a group, or four, or they are all together and form an ocean of fishes, flow as a dancing cloud, play hiding tigers, or grow as one single tree. And naturally there are stories, which have to be told and performed. They open up for the books: „Close your eyes, little tiger!“ Go on a discovery voyage of „Hello, dear world!“ And accompany the mole through the snowy winter landscape. And of course we will perform.



Activity Details

Day Monday
Time 15:00  to  16:00
Topic Performance and Dance
Grade PP
Spoken Language English, German
School Modular Building
Praunheimer Weg 126, 60439 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
School Modular Building
Room Canteen
Teacher Vortisch, Stephanie
Available Places 1
Maximum Participants 20
Minimum Participants 13
Cut off date Monday, 14.09.2020, 0:00
Cost €11.00 per lesson
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Venue Information - School Modular Building

Classrooms, sports room and canteen inside the Modular Building

€11.00 1