1. What is the School Transport service?

EuroKids runs both a School Bus and door to door minibus service for children for members of the ESF Parents’ Association, both in the morning and in the afternoon. In the morning, buses and minibusses are scheduled to arrive around 08:15h. In the afternoon, buses are scheduled to leave at 15:20h (Monday-Thursday), 13:10h (Friday) as well as 16:25h and 17:30h (Monday-Friday).

2. What routes are there?

The current bus routes can be viewed on the website's School Bus registration page.

3. What are the times listed on the registration page?

Please note that the times listed are departure and arrival times. That means that in the morning and in the afternoon, parents and children should be at the listed bus stop around five minutes before the listed time.

4. How can I register?

Members of the ESF PA can register their children on the school bus or minibus registration page.

5. How does my child get to school from the morning buses?

In the morning the school buses and minibuses are welcomed by school teachers. PP, P1 and P2 children are collected by the teachers and escorted to their classes in the modular building. Children from P3 upwards need to walk to their classrooms by themselves.

6. How does my child get to the afternoon school bus/ mini bus?

  • For buses leaving directly after school: PP, P1 and P2 children are collected by school teachers and escorted to the buses. Children in P3 and up need to come to the bus by themselves.
  • For buses leaving after EuroKids services:
    • PP and P1 children are escorted to their bus by EuroKids staff.
    • Children in P2 and up will be escorted to the bus by EuroKids staff if their activity takes place in EuroKids premises. Otherwise, they will independently make their way to the bus.

7. Who do I contact if my child misses the morning bus?

In the case children use minibus services, parents should contact Köhler-trasnfer ()

In the case children use school bus services there is no need to contact anybody. If a child does not arrive for the morning bus the bus will leave without the child.

8. Who do I contact in case there are last minute changes regarding my child's school transport services?

In the case children use minibus services, if there are changes for the child’s afternoon bus schedule, please contact () before 11:00h on the given day.

In the case children use school bus services, if there are changes for the child’s afternoon bus schedule, please contact office@eurokids.gmbh before 11:00h on the given day.

9. Can I track the whereabouts of a bus?

EuroKids, in cooperation with transport providers, runs a bus tracking system that shows the whereabouts of the bus. The system is based on Whatsapp and uses Google Maps. Parents registered for the bus receive links to the Whatsapp groups.

10. Can my child walk home alone from the bus stop after school?

Parents need to state in their registration if their child is allowed to leave the school bus/ minibus without a pickup person. If there is a change, please contact office@eurokids.gmbh.

11. What happens if a child is not picked up from the afternoon school bus/minibus?

If a child is not picked up, the bus driver/EuroKids will try to contact the parents to solve the problem. Solutions will depend on the situation:

  • The bus will wait, if possible, at the given bus stop, if the pickup person indicates he/she will arrive within a minute.
  • The bus will take the child to the last bus stop and the pickup person must go there to pick up the child.
  • If the bus is scheduled to return to the school for a later trip, the child remains on the bus for a later pickup. That means the child will spend a long time on the bus.
  • The child will be taken to the bus driver’s home. Fortunately, this has never happened.

12. How do I cancel the service?

Parents can communicate with office@eurokids.gmbh. The general cancellation deadlines apply.

13. Who do I contact regarding invoices and financial bookings?

Please contact office@eurokids.gmbh.

14. How is my child supposed to behave on the bus?

Please check the relevant website article.
You will find all bus rules on the school bus page of the EuroKids website.

15. Why is there no transport services from where I live?

Transport routes are planned to meet parent demand, depending on the amount of children and the area they live in. Unfortunately, the school parking lot only allows for three buses at the same time. Currently there are six morning buses which means three buses unload children while three buses wait in the street. More buses cannot be accommodated. We will do our best to accomodate new routes on our minibusses, parents can apply for a non-binding 'expresssion of interest' on our minibus application and we will do our best to accomodate needs.